Christian Education

Christian Education Committee Mission Statement (Oct. 2008 version)

In the spirit of loving God with all our minds, this committee’s mission is to organize and support educational programs and activities within the Huntington Church of the Brethren that help children and adults become more knowledgeable followers of Jesus in building the peaceable kingdom on Earth.


  • To offer consistent, vibrant and coordinated Sunday school classes for all age groups
  • To staff enthusiastic and dedicated teachers for each class who, at a minimum, commit to teaching for the entirety of a quarterly session
  • To make available Church of the Brethren and Anabaptist curriculum
  • To educate and nurture in our children and youth these specific attributes: biblical literacy, global awareness, appreciation for Anabaptist perspectives, a lifestyle of serving others, and the desire to work for peace and justice locally and around the world
  • To annually review the goals and objectives of this mission statement in order to keep them up to date and to assess progress on each of the objectives


  • To provide teachers with a list of substitute teachers
  • To monitor and immediately cover teaching needs when a Sunday school class is left unexpectedly without a teacher on a Sunday morning
  • To provide supplies, curriculum, and technological support for each class
  • To annually choose and support a Sunday school superintendent
  • To run a “Sunday school opening” program each Sunday—a joint session with the children of all grades that includes singing, a Bible memory program, learning about the church and its practices, and praying together before the children are dismissed to Sunday school classes
  • To monitor and suggest needed changes in the budget line item for curriculum and related Sunday school monetary needs
  • To assess each summer the specific ways the church has met the above stated goals for the youth and children and to work to address gaps in these areas for the coming year
  • To provide students in the 4th grade with a Bible as a gift from the church
  • To recognize students and teachers once per year during the worship service
  • To organize and run a Vacation Bible School or related special education events each year
  • To provide opportunities for children to share what they have learned with the congregation
  • To inform children and church members generally of other learning and service opportunities, such as Camp Mack, work camps, mission projects (example: with the Tisma, Nicaragua sister church), district & annual conference, “Song and Storyfest,” Brethren Volunteer Service, and junior high and youth retreats and conferences